Scripps Clinic Medical Group – Board of Directors

President Richard Walker, MD
Executive Vice President Joel Diamant, MD
Vice President of Medicine Services Gary Williams, MD, PhD
Vice President of Primary Care Siu Ming Geary, MD
Vice President of Surgery Services Chris Marsh, MD
Vice President of Diagnostic Services Michael Quigley, MD
Chair, Department of Family Medicine Michael Van Buskirk, MD
Chair, Department of Internal Medicine Greg Babikian, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine Gary Williams, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Greg Babikian, MD
Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery Steven Copp, MD
Chair, Department of Pathology Julie Steele, MD
Chair, Department of Pediatric Medicine Eric Hogen, MD
Chair, Department of Radiology Ross Christensen, MD
Chair, Department of Surgery Christopher Marsh, MD
Chair, Department of Academic Affairs James Mason, MD
Chair, Department of Graduate Medical Education Carrie Costantini, MD
Advance Practice Clinician Representative at Large Michelle Carter, NP

Department Chairs

Department of Family Medicine Michael Van Buskirk, MD, Chair
Department of Internal Medicine Greg Babikian, MD, Chair
Department of Medicine Gary Williams, MD, PhD, Chair
Department of OB/GYN Ronald Salzetti, MD, Chair
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Steven Copp, MD, Chair
James Bruffey, MD, Vice Chair, Inpatient
Lorenzo Pacelli, MD, Vice Chair, Outpatient
Department of Pathology Julie Steele, MD, Chair
Department of Radiology Ross Christensen, MD, Chair
Nik Patel, MD, Vice Chair
Department of Pediatric Medicine Erik Hogen, MD, Chair
Department of Surgery Christopher Marsh, MD, Chair

Department of Medicine

Division of Anesthesia Steven Copp, MD (Interim)
Division of Allergy & Immunology Katherine Woessner, MD
Division of Cardiovascular Diseases Paul Teirstein, MD
Division of Chest & Critical Care Jacqueline Chang, MD
Division of Dermatology Arash Izadpanah, MD
Division of Diabetes/Endocrinology James Mc Callum, MD
Division of Gastroenterology/Hepatology Walter Coyle, MD
Division of Gerontology Katrina DeLeon, MD
Division of Hematology/Oncology James Mason, MD
Division of Hospital Medicine Liesbet Joris-Quinton, MD
Co-Division Head – Farhad Shadan, MD
Division of Infectious Diseases Miguel Goicoechea, MD
Division of Integrative Medicine Christopher Suhar, MD
Division of Nephrology Andrew King, MD
Division of Neurology Charles Smith, MD
Division of Radiation Oncology Ray Lin, MD
Division of Rheumatology Peter Weis, MD
Division of Urgent Care/Rancho Bernardo Kimberly Longmire, MD
Division of Urgent Care/Torrey Pines Thomas Kozak, MD

Department of OB/GYN

Division of General OB/GYN Unfilled
Division of Gynencology Bradley Silverman, MD

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Division of Pain/Anesthesia Steven Copp, MD (Interim)
Division of Foot & Ankle Cameron Barr, MD
Division of Spine Robert Eastlack, MD
Division of Lower Extremity Reconstruction William Bugbee, MD
Division of Sports Medicine Daniel Keefe, MD
Division of Hand Surgery  Lorenzo Pacelli, MD

Department of Pathology

Division of Anatomical Pathology Julie Steele, MD
Division of Clinical Pathology Micheal Quigley, MD

Department of Radiology

Division of Interventional Radiology Unfilled
Division of Diagnostic Radiology Unfilled
Division of Nuclear Medicine Unfilled

Department of Surgery

Division of General Surgery Amy Day, MD
Division of Head & Neck Surgery and Otology John Saad, MD
Division of Neurosurgery Christopher Uchiyama, MD
Division of Organ Transplantation Christopher Marsh, MD
Division of Ophthalmology, Optometry Victor Zablit, MD
Associate Division Head Ophthalmology – Quang Nguyen, MD
Division of Plastic Surgery Salvatore Pacella, MD
Division of Trauma, Critical Care Surgery Walter Biffl, MD
Division of Urology
Jeffery Zeitung, MD

Primary Care Site Directors

Carmel Valley, Del Mar Gregory Babikian, MD
Encinitas Michael Van Buskirk, MD
Mission Valley Paula Eisenhart, MD
Rancho Bernardo Gurinder Dabhia, MD
Rancho San Diego, Santee David Hawkins, DO
La Jolla, Anderson Medical Pavilion Melissa Wolinski, MD
Torrey Pines, Geisel Pavilion Melissa Wolinski, MD

Scripps Clinic Medical Group – Administration

The day to day business operations of SCMG are overseen by the President and his core team, working in careful collaboration with Scripps Health Corporation to assure excellence in Clinic and Medical Group operations. The members of the SCMG Office team are as follows:

President Richard Walker, MD
Executive Vice President Joel Diamant, MD
Senior Vice President James Mulvey
Chief Financial Officer Mike Gelin
Senior Director, Finance Tim Brandt
Senior Director, Human Resources Michelle Setterberg
Manager, Physician Resources La Venda Jackson
Manager, Payroll Vanessa Wessel
Administrative Support Staff Kathy Sauquillo
Vanessa Wessel
Eva Brusko
Natalie Graham

Board Committees and Task Forces

The following committees and task forces guide and support the SCMG Board in its directives and obligations to serve its teams, patients, and its collaboration with Scripps Health.

Executive Management Richard Walker, MD*
Joint Management Richard Walker, MD*
PSA Negotiation Joel Diamant, MD & Mike Gelin*
Professional Standards Joel Diamant, MD*
GME Funding & Alignment Carrie Costantini, MD*
Graduate Medical Education Carrie Costantini, MD*
Officer Evaluation & Recruitment Joel Diamant, MD
Income Distribution/Compensation Dale Mitchell, MD
Retirement Savings Plan Ed Kane, MD
Strategic Planning Andrew King, MD
Strategic Growth Gary Williams, MD, PhD
CME James Mason, MD
Research & Innovation James Mason, MD & Chris Marsh, MD
Website and Marketing Chris Marsh, MD
Pharmacy & Therapeutics Darren Sigal, MD
Medical Review Ronald Simon, MD
Minimum Work Standards Joel Diamant, MD
Revenue Cycle Richard Walker, MD
Task Force on SCMG Governance Larry Sakas, MD
Task Force on Member Services Joel Diamant, MD
Task Force on Committee Structure James Mason, MD
Accountable Care Organization Richard Walker, MD*
Medical Ethics Carrie Chun, MD
Physician Well-being Jonathan Fisher, MD

denotes closed committee

Graduate Medical Education

SCMG has a long-standing commitment to promoting excellence in medical education and physician training. The following team oversees our programs, including one core residency, nine ACGME accredited fellowships, and eight non-ACGME accredited fellowship training programs.


Director, Allergy & Immunology  Joel Andrew White, MD
Program Director, Congestive Heart Failure Fellowship Thomas Heywood, MD
Program Director, Endocrinology Fellowship Matt Levine, MD
Program Director, Gastroenterology Fellowship Frank Tsai, MD
Program Director, General Cardiology Fellowship Malhar Patel, MD
Chair, Graduate Medical Education (GME) and ACGME Designated Institutional Officer (DIO) Carrie Costantini, MD
Program Director, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Carrie Costantini, MD
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Biraj Shah, MD
Program Director, Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Curtis Stinis, MD
Program Director, Micrographic Dermatological Surgery Fellowship Hugh Greenway, MD
Program Director, Rheumatology Fellowship Nicole Gunn, MD


Program Director, Advanced Cardiac Echo Imaging Fellowship Mike Smith, MD
Program Director, Laparoscopic General Surgery Fellowship William Fuller, MD
Program Director, Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery Fellowship Bruce Kahn, MD
Program Director, Lower Extremity Reconstruction Fellowship William Bugbee, MD
Program Director, Organ Transplantation Surgery Fellowship Christopher Marsh, MD
Program Director, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Jan Fronek, MD
Program Director, Spine Surgery Fellowship Greg Mundis, MD
Program Director, Structural Interventional Cardiology Fellowship
Paul Teirstein, MD

Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center

Since 2016, Scripps Health has been in a strategic partnership with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, called Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center (SMDACC). In 2017, Scripps Clinic Medical Group joined that partnership to assure state-of-the-art cancer care at Scripps Clinic and for SCMG’s patients in Scripps hospitals, adding the benefits of MD Anderson treatment protocols, research protocols, and know-how for our patients and physicians. The following individuals lead that effort:

SMDACC Medical Director Tom Buchholz, MD
Medical Oncology Service Line Director James Mason, MD
Radiation Oncology Service Line Director Prabhakar Tripuraneni, MD
Surgical Oncology Service Line Director Chris Marsh, MD
Oncologic Pain Management & Critical Care Service Line Director Gary Williams, MD, PhD
Oncologic Pathology Service Line Director Julie Steele, MD
Oncologic Radiology Service Line Director Nik Patel, MD
Oncologic Internal Medicine & Survivorship Service Line Director Ann Kuo, MD
Blood & Marrow Transplantation Program Director James Mason, MD
Breast Oncology Program Director Ray Lin, MD & Moe Ma, MD
Cutaneous Oncology Program Director Hugh Greenway, MD
Genitourinary (GU) Oncology Program Director Ramdev Konijeti, MD
GI & Pancreatic Oncology Program Director Darren Sigal, MD
Liver/Hepatocellular Program Director Catherine Frenette, MD
Gynecology-Oncology Program Director Michael Silverman, MD
Head & Neck Oncology Program Director Brendan Gaylis, MD
Malignant Hematology Program Director Anuj Mahindra, MD
Musculoskeletal (MSK) Oncology Program Director Anna Kulidjian, MD
Neurologic Oncology Program Director Faith Barnett, MD
Thoracic Oncology Program Director Michael Kosty, MD