“Medical education is not just a program for building knowledge and skills in its recipients…
it is also an experience which creates attitudes and expectations.”

– Abraham Flexner


Scripps Clinic Medical Group is deeply involved in educating experienced providers as well as training the next generation of promising medical practitioners. Through a variety of highly competitive residencies and fellowships, we offer hands-on instruction on how to apply best practices and science in a fast-paced healthcare environment. Our Continuing Medical Education offerings guide licensed providers within the Scripps Health system and from the local, national and international medical community to stay at the forefront of medical developments and changing healthcare dynamics, with engaging courses that sustain credentialing while continuously elevating patient service and outcomes.

Our clinicians are deeply involved in graduate medical education for residents and fellows. Many of our group members hold teaching faculty appointments at the UCSD School of Medicine. UCSD students are in continuous clinical rotations in an array of specialties at Scripps Clinic, as are residents from the U.S. Naval Medical Center San Diego. Our faculty also hold teaching appointments at a multitude of nurse practitioner and physician assistant graduate school programs with such students completing their clinical training in virtually every department at Scripps Clinic.

Throughout the year, you can also find our physicians speaking at, organizing and directing major regional and national conferences, participating as guest lecturers at grand rounds, contributing to public education on medical topics of interest, speaking to the media, and much more. We enjoy gaining and sharing medical knowledge, and see it as our professional obligation to do so.