Our board-certified radiologists use state-of-the-art medical technology to evaluate and treat a vast array of medical
conditions and abnormalities. On a daily basis, we are working in an interdisciplinary collaboration with specialists
across the Scripps Clinic and Scripps Health systems, using a broad spectrum of technologies and imaging techniques
to provide early diagnosis and answers for clinicians and their patients. Our Interventional Radiology services place
Scripps Clinic at the frontier of a new generation of image-guided, minimally invasive treatments. Through our
ongoing research, we are deeply committed to exploring and practicing all the ways in which medical imaging
technology can continue to advance patient care.

Department Chair: Ross Christensen, MD

Department Vice Chair: Robin Quazi, MD

Department Advanced Practice Clinician Lead: Kimberly Berry-Divinagracia, PA

Clinical Vice President, Diagnostic Services: Nik Patel, MD

Division Head: Division:
Anshu Bansal, MD Interventional Radiology
Annalice Chang, MD Outpatient Diagnostic Radiology
Matthew Minn, MD Outpatient Diagnostic Radiology
Ali Sepahdari, MD Inpatient Radiology