Scripps Clinic Medical Group is deeply engaged in conducting research to advance the practice of medicine and innovation. We are proud to count numerous award-winning researchers among our team. Alongside their regular clinical work, our physicians participate in an extensive number of clinical trials and principal investigator initiated projects in their areas of interest each year. Investigators draw from various sources of funding derived from philanthropy, industry and medical group pools (SCMG pilot grant program).

SCMG works closely with Scripps Health’s Clinical Research Services (CRS) department in a collaborative effort to identify, facilitate and operationalize research initiatives. The governing body is known as the “RIC”, the Research and Innovation Committee. This committee is composed of both Scripps Health employees and SCMG members. Various sub-committees in the areas of General Research, Oncologic Research, Graduate Medical Education Research, Continuing Medical Education, Scripps Clinic Translational Research Core Consortium, Intellectual Property, and Philanthropic Initiatives, help implement the mission of the RIC.

Our Research Partners

SCMG members collaborate with numerous world-renowned research partners. A partial list of our research partners includes: Scripps Research (formerly known as The Scripps Research Institute), Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute.

Scripps Clinic Bio-Repository

Scripps Clinic Medical Group has established the Scripps Clinic Bio-Repository (SCBBC), which is part of the Scripps Clinic Translational Research Core Consortium. The Scripps Clinic Bio-Repository serves as a procurement and storage resource for the centralized banking of blood, bio-fluids and tissue specimens procured from normal controls or patients with malignancies and diseases. All malignant samples will be accompanied by clinical and pathological data. Beyond simply serving as a repository of blood, tissue and bio-fluids, the Scripps Clinic Bio-Repository is a shared resource of samples that is available to researchers and other collaborators approved by the Scripps Clinic Bio-Repository Oversight Committee.

Scripps Research Publications

SCMG publications appear regularly in a number of highly-regarded specialty journals nationally and worldwide. Presentation of SCMG research activity also occurs regularly at medical society meetings domestically and internationally. We aim to continually combine clinical knowledge with active investigation for the advancement of medicine and innovation. To see SCMG publications, please visit our Research and Publications page, below.