Division of Diagnostic Radiology

The Diagnostic Radiology division provides comprehensive diagnostic services to clinicians and their patients in locations across San Diego county. Leveraging a number of medical imaging technologies, including but not limited to x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound and cutting-edge techniques for their use, our radiologists work around the clock to diagnose conditions ranging from broken bones and gastrointestinal issues to cancer and heart disease. We also monitor patients as treatment is ongoing, to provide context for providers to evaluate how the individual is responding to it.

Richard R. Abello, MD
Ramsey Al-Hakim, MD
Nathalie Andry, MD
Randall L. Baldassarre, MD
Anshuman K. Bansal, MD
Douglas J. Bates, MD
Ratana G. Bhardwaj, MD
Sevil K. Brahme, MD
Eric M. Bultman, MD
Lida Chaipat, MD
Annalice Chang, MD

Sloane C. Chen, MD
Ross A. Christensen, MD
Kathleen M. Flores-Dahms, MD
Garrett L. Dejesus, MD
Steven S. Eilenberg, MD
Marie Tartar-Eilenberg, MD
Osama Elbuluk, MD

Timothy L. Feng, MD
Benjamin Freeze, MD

Brandon L. Grusd, MD
Jeffrey S. Gusenburg, MD
Philip Hoang, MD
Robert E. Honey, MD
Raymond Hong, MD
Yoona Ho, MD

Rebecca Y. Hsu, MD
Stephen B. Hulse, MD
Kevin M. Ishioka, MD
Anila Jonnala, MD
William M. Kakimoto, MD
Michael K. Kan, MD
Stellios Karnezis, MD
Nimisha D. Khanna, MD
Kristina M. Kjeldsberg, MD
Pranay Kothari, MD

Harry J. Knowles, MD
Joseph M. Leeba, MD
Charles C. Liu, MD
Joseph A. Luna, MD
Justin Q. Ly, MD
Kendall M. Martin, MD
Christopher A. Maxwell, MD
Matthew J. Minn, D
David K. Naugle, MD
Arvind Nehra, MD
Trevor D. Nelson, MD
Nikunj K. Patel, MD
Ann A. Nguyen, MD
Rahul R. Patel, MD
Jerome C. Pierce, MD
Harold G. Pimenta, MD
Robin R. Quazi, MD
Paul J. Rickards, MD
Andrew N. Robbins, MD
Tomer A. Roth, MD
Jeffrey Rudie, MD

Mohsin Saeed, MD
Ali R. Sepahdari, MD
Matthew J. Sharp, MD
Brian J. Shore, MD
Ugne J. Skripkus, MD
Dennis W. Thurston, MD
David D. Vu, MD
Kris J. Van Lom, MD
Stephen R. Vossler, MD
Arvind Vijayasarathi, MD

Wilbur Wang, MD
Alyssa T. Watanabe, MD
George E. Wesbey III, MD
Symphorosa Williams, MD
Amy C. Wu, MD
Mina M. Zakhary, MD
Maurice H. Zissen, MD
Jack Zyroff, MD

Advanced Practice Clinicians:
Amanda L. Anderson, PA
Margaret M. Byrne, PA
Kimberly M. Berry-Divinagracia, PA
Carmela C. Tan, PA

Featured Services

  • CT scan

  • DEXA bone density scan

  • Fluoroscopy

  • MRI

  • Mammograms and breast imaging

  • Nuclear medicine

  • PET/CT

  • Ultrasound

  • X-rays