Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM)

The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine focuses on expert care for complicated or high risk pregnancies. Our perinatologists serve on interdisciplinary teams, working alongside certified nurse midwives, cardiologists and diabetes experts to optimize conditions for a healthy and safe delivery. We conduct comprehensive testing throughout pregnancies to monitor for growth and development, and, where applicable, diagnose and manage birth defects, heart problems, and other disorders detected in utero. The perinatology team guides mothers and families through challenges of high risk pregnancies, whether multiples or specific health conditions, to minimize chances of preterm delivery and promote health of both mother and child. We also oversee labor and deliveries and guide parents understand the risks and recommendations for any desired future pregnancy.

Sean Daneshmand, MD (Division Head)
Brad Dolinsky, MD
Arij Faksh, DO
Jasmine Lai, MD
Roman Starikov, MD
Erica Berggren, MD

Featured Services

  • Ultrasound imaging

  • Genetic counseling

  • In-hospital antepartum care

  • Fetal diagnostic procedures

  • Labor & delivery

Recognitions & Awards

  • Dr. Daneshmand has been recognized as one of CNN’s Heroes of the Week, and has been twice recognized by the San Diego Business Journal with a Health Care Heroes Award