Division of Nephrology

The Division of Nephrology is dedicated to exceptional care for chronic kidney disease, hypertension and electrolyte disorders. Our specialists rigorously manage patients with early stages of kidney disease to slow the progression of disease and, where possible, prevent or reduce the need for dialysis and transplantation. We also care for those with advanced stage renal disease, with the overall goal of improving both quality of life and its duration. In our commitment to promoting patient independence and reducing the burden on patients, we provide all modalities of dialysis including home dialysis, in-center dialysis and in-center nocturnal dialysis. Over the past twenty years, the Division has participated in numerous clinical trials. By combining meaningful research, award-winning medical expertise and provider compassion with patient education, we can work to provide better outcomes for all.

Andrew J. King, MD
Kimberly L. Harper, MD
Dianne B. McKay, MD
Bijan Roshan, MD
John Bestoso, MD
Robert Reiss, MD
James C. Rice, MD
Aleksandra Novikov, MD
Reza Elahimehr, MD

Kimberly M. Hawkins, NP
Benjamin Digrazia, NP
Angela Burchak, NP
Candy Mayer, NP
Emily Belen, NP

Featured Services

  • All aspects of polycystic kidney disease

  • Use of Tolvaptan

  • Home Dialysis

  • In-center and In-center nocturnal dialysis

  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

  • Diabetes-induced kidney disease

  • Management of difficult to control blood pressure.

Recognitions & Awards

  • Our Nephrology program has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report for the past three years

  • Dr. King has been recognized for many years as a Best Doctor both locally and nationally

  • The TREAT Study, examining anemia management in CKD
  • The TEMPO and REPRISE Studies in patients with polycystic kidney disease
  • The ongoing DREAM Study, examining newer technologies in the management of home dialysis patients on peritoneal dialysis.
  • Dr. Dianne McKay is internationally known for her research in acute kidney injury and its role in chronic kidney disease.
  • Dr. McKay is funded by the National Institutes of Health and has a dual appointment with The Scripps Research Institute, with the goal of developing a . center whereby basic research is translated into real innovations for clinical care.
  • Dr. Harper and Dr. King are conducting new research related to the use of internet-connected technologies as they relate to control of hypertension and fluid management, a study that could open the road for telemedicine for home patients, significantly reducing the burden on them
  • Dr. King has been involved in a number of key basic research and clinical trials about Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Dr. Roshan has researched progression of diabetes-induced kidney disease
  • Several members are researching various aspects of home dialysis
  • Dr. Harper and Dr. King were investigators in key clinical trials (TEMPO and REPRISE Studies) demonstrating the benefit of tolvaptan, which is now FDA approved.