Urgent Care

Our Division of Urgent Care provides around-the-clock care for patients seeking medical attention through Scripps’ comprehensive care centers. Our physicians and providers are Emergency Medicine specialists ready to address the broad spectrum of concerns that bring patients in to seek immediate assistance. Our Torrey Pines Urgent Care is 24 hours a day and Rancho Bernardo is open 8am to 8pm year-round, providing prompt and attentive diagnosis and treatment of typical urgent care complaints, including common viruses and infections, addressing sports injuries, and more. When necessary, we also offer 24 hour access to diagnostic imaging.

SCMG Urgent Care, Rancho Bernardo

Kimberly Longmire, MD (Site Director)
Chris Chisholm, MD
John Gill, MD
Michele Grad, MD
Vik Gulati, MD
Scott Krishel, MD
John Kim, MD
Mark Kuhse, MD
John Love, MD
Micheal Matteuci, MD
Ryan Nelkin, MD
Matt Perl, MD
Steve Portouw, MD
John Siefert, MD
David Smith, MD
Julie Sullivan, MD
Eizabeth Wulfert, MD

John Frusbie, PA
Mark Gallegos, PA

SCMG Urgent Care, Torrey Pines

Thomas Kozak, MD (Site Director)
George Baehr, MD
Ilona Barash, MD
Steven Henderson, MD
Kirsten Hornbeak, MD

Mary Beth Johnson, MD
Robert Kakehashi, MD
Margaret Marshall, MD
Philip Mathis, MD
Wynne Myint, MD
Johannes Neuendorf, MD
Charles O’Connell, MD
Dennis O’Connor, MD
Mark Olcott, MD
Christopher Saucedo, MD
Laurence Shapiro, MD
Matthew Thomas, MD
Paul-Thomas Tremoulet, MD
Russel Trepanier, MD
Gregory Walters, MD

Marie Egge, PA
Hung Huynh, PA
Jonathan Jaseniuk, PA
Cheryl Welch, FNP

SCMG Urgent Care, Rancho Bernardo

SCMG Urgent Care, Torrey Pines

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